What is Nutrition Response Testing?

What does Nutrition Response Testing Address?

What Improvements will I Notice?

What is the Nutritional Healing Program?

Where Did Nutrition Response Testing Originate?

Who Can Benefit?

Weight Loss



Fatigue Versus Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue and Insomnia

Adrenal Exhaustion or Thyroid Fatigue

Digestive Conditions

Acid Reflux

Emotional Conditions

Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions

Low Energy

Neurological Conditions


Headaches / Migraines


Respiratory Conditions

Skin Hair Nails Conditions

Female-specific Conditions (Menopause) Part 1

Female-specific Conditions (Menopause) Part 2

Female-specific Conditions (Menopause) Part 3

Female-specific Conditions (Menopause) Part 4

Proper Nutrition Essential in Comprehensive Cancer Care


What Conditions Can It Address?

(The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 73 and 74, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

        A better question might be, "What can't  Nutrition Response
TestingSM address?"  Here is just a partial list of conditions we address
and conquer on a daily basis at my clinic:

        o Weight control
        o Fatigue
        o Stress
        o Depression
        o Acid reflux
        o ADHD
        o Allergies
        o Arthritis
        o Asthma
        o Bloating
        o High blood pressure
        o Candida
        o High cholesterol
        o Chronic pain
        o Colds and flu
        o Constipation
        o Diarrhea
        o Food sensitivities
        o Headaches and migraines
        o Heart conditions
        o IBS/IBD
        o Infertility
        o Menopause and PMS
        o Multiple sclerosis
        o Osteoporosis
        o Skin/hair/nail issues
        o Tremors
        o And many others