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Respiratory Conditions

(The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 153-158, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

        Among the many causes that result in the umbrella event known as "respiratory conditions," allergies are usually the ones you hear the most about. "Allergy" is a term that refers to many conditions such as drugs, "bugs" and foods.  The category I'm most interested in here is seasonal allergies rooted in food sensitivities.

        True food allergies, where an individual consumes a peanut, for example, which results in a life-threatening condition called anaphylactic shock, affects a very small group of  people.  It is estimated that 1% to 2% of adults are affected by true  food allergies.  However, a much larger group of people, both adults and children, suffer from the more common "food sensitivities."

        Reactions include sleepiness after eating, irritability, stuffy nose, runny eyes, acid indigestion, bloating, pain and swelling of the joints as well as weight gain, to name just a few.  Over time these can lead to seasonal allergies, asthma, IBD, chronic fatigue and a variety of immune disorders.

        Discovering whether or not you have food sensitivities can provide not only dramatic relief from unwanted symptoms but can very well prevent serious disease. Nutrition Response TestingSM is a technology for discovering if food sensitivities are the underlying factor hindering your body's health improvement.  Here is what others have said about their allergies, both before and after experiencing a Nutrition Response Testing program:

        o "I used to have bad seasonal allergies. I would be on antihistamines for a majority of the spring and summer.  This year is my third spring without a single antihistamine.  I'm able to enjoy being outside and active without being dragged down by antihistamines. "

        o "I had been experiencing GI irritation and significant anal itching.  I tried to do various dietary things to alleviate the irritation from this embarrassing symptom.  I tried reducing grains and flours and this worked randomly.  Paul [Rosen) applied Oriental medicine and Nutrition Response Testing and came up with allergies to egg whites, soy and oats.  I had been consuming a lot of these foods on a daily basis to increase my protein.  After a week of eliminating egg whites, soy and oats, that embarrassing symptom was gone.  If I have something with oats, the symptoms come back that same day.  I have experienced marked improvement for well over three months now."

        o "Before Nutrition Response Testing, my health was what I would have called good.  I just accepted my problems because I'd lived with them my whole life and assumed everyone else was the same.  I had a lot of digestive problems, low energy levels, and an immune system that didn't seem to work very well because I often caught cold and flu viruses.  However, now I am highly aware of what I put into my body and how it affects it.  I can tell almost immediately when I've eaten something I shouldn't have.  I have more energy than I had before.  My digestive problems have gone away for the most part, and when I start to get sick I know what to take to get rid of the virus before it takes hold.  I feel like I'm on the road to healing."

        Of course, just as menopause isn't the only female-specific condition we talk about in Chapter 12 (the book The Great Health Heist), please don't think seasonal allergies are the only respiratory condition addressed by Nutrition Response Testing.  In my experience, all of the following are handled routinely in my clinic:

        o Acute/chronic colds and flu

        o Sinus problems

        o Chronic cough

        o Runny nose

        o Watery eyes

        It's common to hear mainstream physicians say that there is nothing people can do to treat colds and flu.  Yet I see clients all the time who learn to handle both colds and flu by following their personalized health improvement programs.  This is what Bethany had to say:

         "I used to get sick a lot. I always seemed to feel like I had a cold or flu.  I just seemed to feel sick all the time.  This sick feeling seemed worse whenever I ate.  When I got my personalized health improvement program I began to see quite a bit of improvement.

        "However, at some point my improvement stopped.  I felt better then worse.  When Paul pointed out that I might have a [personal] relationship impacting my health, I knew immediately who it might be.  I began to address the problem.  Once a plan was in place, the next time I saw Paul I reported that my health took a huge leap forward.  I began to make additional progress.  I feel better physically and emotionally.  Food tastes so much better and there is no sick feeling.  I have more energy than ever before. "

        You have to keep in mind when reading about or listening to health issues in the media (or anywhere for that matter) who is doing the studies. Where does the money come from for these studies and what are the motives behind the scenes?  The FDA, the AMA, and the pharmaceutical companies are so closely tied that it can be difficult to know where one begins and the other ends.  Keep a healthy skepticism and, as they say:  Just follow the money!

        My clinical experience (like that of hundreds of other alternative practitioners who utilize Nutrition Response Testing technology) shows that people like you and me can either avoid the flu completely or recover from it quickly using alternative strategies.

        Say what you will, when a healthcare strategy utilizing good solid Nutrition works over and over, turning away from it is like turning your back on yourself.  It’s a crying shame, and I’m quite serious.

        I have treated may people with conditions similar to Bethany’s and have witnessed the same excellent results.  I am not being self-serving when I urge you to find yourself a practitioner who knows Nutrition Response Testing.  My mission is to do all I can to give people the tools they need to regain a healthy body.  I searched long and hard to find the “missing piece” to my own health dilemma and those of several of my family members.  We have benefited enormously from our experience and wish the same for you.