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Adrenal Exhaustion or Thyroid Fatigue

(The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 102-106, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

(A Case of Misdirection)

        Some conditions extend beyond the scope of general feelings of fatigue, or even chronic fatigue and. insomnia.  “JB” was convinced that her previously diagnosed condition of adrenal exhaustion was the root of her illness.  When I first saw her, she was confused, frustrated, in tears and at the end of her rope.  Little did she know that her Nutrition Response TestingSM evaluation would soon provide the definitive path toward her experience of whole-body wellness:

        "Before I began Paul Rosen's treatment plan [based on Nutrition Response Testing] two months ago, I was always exhausted, too thin, suffering from continual and seemingly random allergies to food and environmental substances.  I felt like a limp rag after pushing my body to the edge of exhaustion with stressful work for many years.

          "An ASI saliva test diagnosed me with Total Adrenal Failure Level 7 and a blood test showed a viral condition.  My skin was thin, pale and slightly green.  I was weak and unable to concentrate.  I had to stop my exercise routine, and needed to rest in bed a great deal during daytime hours.  I felt confused and desperate.

        "My mealtimes were unpleasant, as my digestive organs contracted with pain frequently during and after mealtimes, as if they didn't want to accept what I was eating.  My stomach remained full and bloated for three to six hours after mealtimes.  I had eliminated many things from my diet, following an electronic allergy test.  But my reactions did not agree with the allergy test, so I didn't know what to eat and what not to eat.  My bowels were irregular and too hard or too soft.

        "For two months I have been following Paul Rosen's treatment plan and taking supplements with every meal.  I have completely eliminated from my diet sugar, wheat, corn, soy and dairy.  I added more protein to my diet, and eliminated most sweet fruits, as Paul Rosen suggested.

        "Now after two months, I am not as tired and I can concentrate just fine.  My food reactions are no longer random, they are extremely clear, and occur only if I eat any of the five things I am to eliminate from my diet.  Mealtimes are pleasant and relaxing, as my digestive organs accept and digest what I eat.   My digestion is still slow, but it is functioning.  My digestion has stabilized.  My bowels are regular once to twice per day, easy and clean.

        "I have eliminated sugars from my diet, and I have no more sugar cravings.  I have started to walk one mile three times a week.  My circulation is improving and I have color in my skin.  I feel physical stability in my life.  I feel like I am in control of my health."

        The reason what happened to "JB" is so important is because none of the standard saliva, blood and hair tests she took picked up the "missing piece" that would allow her body to begin the healing process.  They failed her completely.  In fact, these standard tests revealed a condition that wasn't even the real or root cause of her problem.  Despite the assuredly caring efforts of many practitioners, both conventional and alternative, the diagnosis of "Total Adrenal Failure Level 7" given to her, while theoretically valid, failed to reveal that it was really her thyroid that needed attention. 

        With her body's stressors removed and proper diet and nutritional supplementation provided, "JB" fought her way back to health.  Today she experiences the whole-body wellness that is part and parcel of balanced living.  She found the "missing piece" – and so can you.

        Stop living in isolation and fear.  You are not necessarily the problem.  It may well be that the diagnostic tests you and your practitioner assumed would reveal the answer fell short.  And it only follows that the prescribed treatment program consequently fell short.  In this way, even good treatments can fail.  Some pieces of the puzzle are continually missed by the standard tests designed with a "one test fits all people" philosophy.  Does this sound far too familiar?

        If you have even the slightest doubt as to whether or not you are experiencing whole-body wellness, I encourage you to give alternative medicine a try.  And why would you wait another minute  to experience a better quality of life?

        After all, in my humble opinion, it’s not about how long we live.  Rather, it’s the quality of our experience with the time we’re given on Planet Earth hat truly matters.  Ask those people who have witnessed their health deteriorate and then had it subsequently restored.