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Skin Hair Nails Conditions

(The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 177-182, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

        Are you satisfied with the quality of your skin, hair and nails?  Are you proud to walk out of the house, feeling radiant and looking great?  Do you have a regular routine and a healthy system in place to make sure that your skin, nails and hair look, feel and actually are their best?

        Or are your skin, nail and hair concerns so deep and profound that they have become a serious issue for you?  Are they affecting your social life - or how often you leave the house?  Or even how comfortable you feel about your appearance and health when you do leave the house?

        If you are one of the many modem Americans who fall into that second group, you might be suffering from one or more of the following skin, nail and hair conditions I treat daily:

        o Dry spots on face and arms

        o Acne

        o Psoriasis

        o Eczema

        o Dry skin

        o Itchy scalp

        o Brittle nails

        o Dry/thinning hair

        Unfortunately, people have a tendency to write off concerns like those I've listed as simply cosmetic or "surface" issues.  In point of fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  Remember those "check engine" lights I mentioned in the last chapter?  You know,  the ones that, if ignored, could spell doom and gloom along your journey down Life's physical highway?

        Well, blood pressure and heart problems aren't your body's only "check engine" lights.  Often enough, troubles on your body's surface like dry skin, itchy scalp or brittle nails are pointing to something deeper and more serious.

        "HH" was suffering with a severe acne problem when he came to see me recently.  Here is how he described his resulting recovery from a condition he once feared might be life-long:

        "I had severe acne problems with my facial skin. I have never had such bad acne in my life, not even as a teenager.  I recently met with my dermatologist. He prescribed doxycyclene, an antibiotic, which basically makes the skin "appear clear, " as he put it.  I took the horse pills for at least four months (three refills).  My skin cleared up a little, but not enough for all the medication I was consuming.  My dermatologist told me if I wanted clear skin I just needed to keep taking this prescribed medicine.  I decided I did not want to live on drugs for semi-clear skin and stopped visiting my dermatologist.  My mother recommended I see Paul Rosen.  Now [after Nutrition Response Testing] 80 % of my acne is gone without taking doxycyclene.  I have also noticed an increase in my energy level.  Since starting with [Nutrition Response Testing], I have improved greatly in less than a month. "

        "NG" feared his problems with itchy scalp might dog him for the rest of his life, too.  That is, until he tried Nutrition Response Testing:

        "From November to March for three years, I was having diarrhea after I ate.  At first it was only in the morning.  I had a very itchy scalp unless I took fish oil capsules every day.  For the past six years my fingernails were cracking, splitting, and getting worse.  Taking calcium with magnesium, a multi-vitamin plus eight other herbs didn't help. I would also awaken each morning after only four to five hours of sleep, and then would have trouble falling back to sleep again.  My energy level was very low after 5pm.  My doctor or a naturopath could not seem to help.  Now after five weeks of avoiding wheat, sugar, corn and dairy, I am doing much better.  The diarrhea stopped immediately.  My scalp stopped itching, and the ridges on my nails are less pronounced.  I sometimes can sleep longer than five hours.  My energy is good now until 8pm.  Here are the other benefits I am getting without looking for them: no more sinus trouble in the winter, no more itchy skin, less anxious, and a growth in the corner of my eye fell off after I happened to rub my eye. "

        "CE" had raging psoriasis for 18 years. His body was 85% covered with bleeding sores that itched mercilessly.  Over the years, he used topical ointments, UV treatments and drugs, including Methotrexate and Amevive.  While he did get significant symptomatic relief, the side effects and costs were overwhelming.  Amevive alone cost over $14,000 per year!

        So, at the urging of his wife who had experienced success with her own personalized health improvement program, "CE" came for an evaluation. He said:

        "After beginning my program, I saw dramatic relief in three weeks.  The psoriasis had all but disappeared.  I was still doing the UV treatments but decided to stop them.  In the past, stopping my UV treatments would result in reemergence of my symptoms, but not this time.  I was ecstatic!"

        As a postscript, "CE" related that during a visit to his dermatologist, when he flashed his new skin, the attending nurse said to him, "We've never lost a patient because they got better!"  Need I say more?

        Like "HH," "NG," and "CE," you too may be feeling insecure or worried about your skin, nail and hair problems.  Don't be!  The beauty, fashion and cosmetics industries have been doing a number on us for years.  We've become so insecure about our appearance that we use their hyped lotions, creams, soaps, shampoos and so on, all expensive and loaded with chemicals, while few of them actually produce noticeable results.

        That is because true beauty starts within, and I’m not being touchy-feely here.  I’m talking about real, true, natural and physical beauty starting from what you eat, and how you live your life.  These are the qualities you gain by learning to listen to and understand your body, and trusting Nutrition Response TestingSM.