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Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions

(The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 183-186, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

        Nutrition Response TestingSM holds out hope for a variety of conditions.  Which of those conditions are the most important?  The answer, like so much of Nutrition Response Testing's best results, rests squarely with you.  For instance, if brittle nails are your biggest problem, than that is the most important symptom I can help you with.  If it's high blood pressure, than that's the most important condition - to you.

        So it goes with the eye, ear, nose and throat conditions I see quite often, two of the most popular being runny nose and watery eyes.  In fact, "SL" is a typical patient in this regard, as you'll soon see.

        " For 30 years I have dealt with allergy symptoms including runny nose, watery eyes and headaches.  To make matters worse, I also experienced TMJ, upper back pain, stiffness and tiredness.

        In the past, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars going to every type of doctor and alternative healthcare professional imaginable.  Although some of the conditions improved, as I aged, they were still bothering me.  There has been a notable improvement now that Paul has helped me isolate the "stressors" on my system and really pinpoint my chronic hyperthyroid condition as the culprit behind most of my physical complaints.  My health is  improving weekly and I have made a major life-style change which I know will benefit me and give me the quality of life I have been searching for."

        We have a tendency to discount so-called "lesser symptoms" such as runny nose and watery eyes.  But if you've ever dealt with them on a persistent or even casual basis, you'll know firsthand that they're anything but.  Take your nagging cough, for instance.  Not long ago, a patient we'll call "TS" presented us with this very symptom, which at first started as a nuisance but might have been a sign of something more serious if she had waited much longer to schedule an appointment:

        "I was coughing and blowing my nose so many times a day I thought I should invest in the Kleenex Company.  I was driving my husband and co-workers crazy!  I went to work tired every day.  I wanted to go right to bed as soon as I came home from work. I could sleep Saturday and Sunday until noon or 2pm. Now [after Nutrition Response Testing] I can breathe and not cough!  I don't have postnasal drip!  I get up feeling refreshed and I have energy all day.  This has changed my life in just seven days.  I have also lost two pounds!"

        Please heed the message that no symptom is more important than any other.  In "TS's" case, a nagging cough was just that, a nag that was easily remedied.  But in other cases I've seen patients complain, almost apologetically, of similar symptoms that turned out to be much more serious than at first indicated.

        The best part about Nutrition Response Testing is that it's more than just a method for evaluation; it provides you with a  life style fit for you.  I don't just have patients.  I have relationships.  Why do you think I'm able to include so many personal testimonials on these pages?  My patients become passionate about living a new lifestyle, one that is personal and created specifically for them.  This is not “medicine by numbers.”  It is a custom-designed treatment program for individuals who need it – and it changes their lives drastically for the better.