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Low Energy

(The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 122-126, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

        Low energy might not be considered "painful" to some, but ask long-time sufferers and they'll tell you that not having enough "get up and go" can be as deleterious as any of the painful discomfort we've discussed earlier, such as migraines and arthritis.

        Take "EL" who, like many of us, wasn't a morning person.  But his symptoms went much deeper. He explains, "I had low energy. I was always tired in the morning. Now [after Nutrition Response TestingSM], I usually wake up refreshed. I feel good with less sleep.  I have more energy also."

        Low energy can often be associated with digestive discomfort and when the two meet head-on, patients can be doubly uncomfortable.  Such was the case with "LR," who complained, "I had little energy and a lot of digestive discomfort.  Herbs and acupuncture helped, but it constantly reoccurred.  I also suffered with joint pain and backaches, along with neck pain.  After beginning the [Nutrition Response Testing] program, I began to see major improvements.  As long as I eat only the foods that I am allowed, I have little or no discomfort. I recently had a reoccurrence of symptoms and sought treatment.  A laser light was used on both ear lobes and within two days - I felt great!  I continue using herbs along with the occasional treatment in hopes that over time I will be able to adapt my life to constant healthy foods and little or no treatment."

        Like many patients, "DM" was experiencing low back pain as well as a variety of other maladies that all seemed related – and untreatable by traditional medicine. "DM" explains, "I had little energy, felt run down, and had shoulder and back pain.  My muscles and joints had aches and pains; getting out of the car was a chore.  I was unable to run due to extreme lower back pain from the jarring.  After just three days on the [Nutrition Response Testing] program, my shoulder pain was gone.  Now, after two weeks on the program, my back pain has greatly decreased and I am able to run.  I can get out of the car much faster and easier and don't feel like an old man when I do it.  My muscles and joints feel much better.  I have more energy.  I am able to function at work at 6am, and the 10-hour days don't wear me out like they used to do."

        Some types of pain are more pronounced than others.  Some come unannounced and unexplained.   Such was the case with "CF" who found himself a pain-sufferer one morning. "I woke up with severe rib pain on Tuesday, April 15th," he explains, recalling the very day his pain began. "I couldn't sleep on my bed but had to sleep in my recliner.  The pain kept me up during the night and was mild to intense during the day.  [Acupuncture] treatments were given on April 21, 23, 25 and 28.  On April 21, I was unable to take more than half a breath:  After the initial treatment, breathing came back to about 80%.   Subsequent treatment brought relief from pain.  After April 28, I was once again able to sleep in bed.  As of today (May 2, 2003), I am barely aware of any discomfort.  I prayed that the Lord would heal me and I think he used Paul Rosen to accomplish this."

        "LS," like many patients, was more concerned for a family member than she was for herself.  In this case, she brought her daughter in for treatment - and just in time!

        "My daughter Sara, age 11, had stomach pain for over a year to the point of vomiting and uncontrollable shaking.  The doctors diagnosed her with functional abdominal pain.  After a year of sleepless nights and seeing my daughter in pain, we were not satisfied with this answer.  A friend of ours mentioned her results from being on a [Nutrition Response Testing] program at Paul Rosen's office.  It sounded a little 'out there, ' but we were willing to try anything at this point ...this program has been well worth it.  After approximately one and a half months on the program, my daughter has had an incredible turnaround in her health, which is reflected in every part of her life.  Her little vivacious attitude is back.  She is able to sleep at night, no vomiting or shaking, and no pain in her stomach.  This happened gradually, but quicker than I had expected."

        Sometimes pain leads to loss of sleep, which can, in turn, lead to low energy.  Sometimes the reverse is true and lack of sleep and low energy lead to mysterious and painful symptoms.  Such was the case of "LB," who wrote: "I have chronic pain in my legs and hips, as well as extreme tightness in the muscles.  After only one week on the [Nutrition Response Testing] program, I feel better.  I am more energized when I wake up and the pain and soreness are not as intense as they used to be."

        Finally, an inspiring story from "BS," who wrote to express her relief after some digestive issues, which were affecting both her sleep and her job performance, improved. "I used to take Ibuprofen and Aleve for pain and a prescription for digestive problems.  I also took Lactaid to assist in digesting dairy products.  I was only sleeping about three hours at a time because of the pain and digestive problems:  Now [after Nutrition Response Testing], I take none of the above and sleep six hours at a time and sometimes nine.  My stamina improves every day.  I tutor at an elementary school, and am around lots of sniffles and sneezes, and haven't gotten a cold this Spring.  When my husband recently had the stomach flu for six days, I stayed healthy."

        I hope these successful client testimonials inspire you to find the “missing piece” to your own healing process and permanent relief from your painful condition. Whether it’s chronic pain, isolated pain, post-surgical pain, pain from arthritis, digestive troubles or low energy, any pain is too much pain.  We humans are designed to be pain-free.  If you are experiencing more pain rather than less pain, you’re simply not experiencing life fully.

        Stop surviving – and start thriving.  You can find the path to good health with Nutrition Response Testing.  I firmly believe this and I witness it every day in my clinic.